Supporting Accessible & Inclusive Events


Providing multiple-event hosts with solutions.

Many people are overwhelmed by technology, accessibility and inclusion needs for events. Is this you?

  • Don’t have time or funding.
  • Not sure what to do.
  • Worried about violating ADA laws.

And it’s not just the day of event.

  • Ensuring diversity.
  • Making promotions accessible.
  • Difficult or impossible to use software.
  • Time consuming communications.
  • Reaching niche audiences.
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These free features are available to all users.

Post + promote events

Link to an event site or RSVP page.

Easy special requests

For those with food allergies or disabilities.

Create event lists

Create collections of events for audiences – private or public.

Invite users + partners

Grant access to your private lists, or allow members to add events.

Add to websites

Free to embed events and lists – give website owners one line of code.


Save time and hassle.

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Upgrade to access these premium features.

Instantly post events

Skip the event approval queue.

Automate event feeds

Import to websites, emails & social media.

Ad free events & lists

Replace ads with content from your brand, partners or sponsors.

Priority support

Guaranteed response time on emails & weekly live support.

Post in resource center

Coming soon! Add information, guidelines and tools for event hosts.

Setup+Support Service

Get one-on-one support from experts.

Premium features

Includes Promoter  features – downgrade when setup is complete.

Integration support

Get help setting up auto-feeds to platforms such as WordPress, Mailchimp, Facebook, and more.

Setup & Training

Eight hours per month of 1:1 support setting up automations.

Expert Team

Expand your team with experts in event accessibility, internet marketing, and web development.

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Blog posts with Eventida updates, appearance “In the News,” and useful information for the community.

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If you provide solutions that help make events more accessible and inclusive, we want to work with you!