Survey: Special Requests for Events

A meter with not happy, neutral, happy faces, meter is pointing at happy, with Survey by Eventida underneath. On the right - EVENTS: What makes attendees (UN)happy?

Event attendees often need accommodations in order to be happy at the event – where wheelchair ramps are, meals for those with allergies, ASL interpreters, on and on the list goes! It is a lot of work for the event host AND attendees. 

We are creating FREE technology to make this process super easy and painless. Help us prove that this tool is needed!

Who should take this survey?

  • Event professionals – hosts, promoters, coordinators.
  • Vendors – interpreters/translaters, live captions, catering, accessibility consultants.
  • Venues – booking manager, A/V media, ticketing.
  • Online event platforms – webinars, group video software, registration.
  • Attendees who need accommodations, and their companions.